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The Visitouch is an intelligent regulator with touch display. All temperature values and operating parameters are well arranged and clearly displayed.


  • New developed regulator with the most modern touchscreen technology
  • The VisiTouch is based on a touch technology in industrial quality mit user-specific characteristics
  • The metal casing provides the necessary degree of protection in the ambient conditions
  • A PC data interface connect makes it possible to connect with a pc or notebook
  • A pre-assembled cable of 5m enables a smooth and instant start


  • The new VisiTouch convinces with more operating comfort , new functions and the most modern regulation technology for the fermentation control in wine cellars 
  • Technical relations are presented clearly and in an understandable manner
  • Easy-to-remember icons make the daily work easy
  • And the best: Compatible with the VinInfo complete cellars ystem


The VisiTouch is being screwed in directly in the tank in a thermowell. Thus the wine grower has the advantage to view all data and to change preset values from his actual work place. The valves for cooling and heating, the data BUS cable and the contacts for the pump will be connected to the distribution box.

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