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The automation system VinInfo combines all control-, regulation-, information-, and visualisation task from wine cellars on one platform.



  • Most progressive technology for wine cellars:
    • The well proven VinInfo-Bus architecture
    • With only a single cable for all tanks, rooms and other objects 
    • A minimal expenditure for installation and any extesibility
  • Control of fermentation temperature:
    • Automatic cooling and heating in compliance with the preset temperatures.
    • Highly precise temperature measuring and log term stability through automatic calibration
  • Measurement of CO2-Emission
    • Monitoring of fermentation intensity by use of CO2 sensors
    • Automatic calculation of the must weight reduction after the initial entry of the one-time sugar concentration
    • The fermentation intensity curve is linked to a preset temperature

          CO2 Sensor neu

  • Oxygen dosing:
    • Highly precised posibility for dosing of medical oxygen with micro- as well as with macro-oxigenation.
    • Freely adjustable dosages and periods of treatment
    • Exact reproducibilty
  • Room climate control:
    • Automatic cooling and heating of rooms in compliance with the preset temperature
    • Humidification and dehumidification of rooms (e.g barrique cellars) in compliance with the desired air humidity
  • Fully programmable clock timers
    • Automatic activation of stirring machines, mash plungers, heavy-duty sockets or rotor tanks
  • Engergy management
    • Automatic activation of circulating pumps and or cooling units if required
    • Ventilator-control saves energy through a so-called "night cooling". The cooling unit of the cellar will only be activated when a compensation by the ventilator is not possible


All important information at a blink of an eye, real cellar plan, easy to operate, complete documentation possibilities, recording and graphic presentation of all data are some of the highlights of the control-, regulation- and information software VinInfo.

Self-explanatory icons are  seamlessly fully embedded in "VinInfo's" user interface.

Kellerplan 2


ChartIf you are not in the immediate vicinity of the wine cellar, allow yourself to be informed per mobile telphone or via internet about the well-being of your wine. And this way is of course a regulation possible...

Flexible IT – solutions, a strong point of VinInfo


Modular in all respect ...

… with greatest failure security and easy operation.

A data exchange through the BUS cable with the commando central - a server and/or a Terminal. The expansibility and the flexible range of application are particular worthy of mention: Whether different temperature measurement, measuring of the humidity or CO2-emmission - it is all possible! If required, the recording of measurement values of a Basic Unit can at anytime be expanded. If you should want to measure other values in the future, the system is well prepared for that.

With this modular system also in the future, many products and applications will be produce within "VinInfo" that will support and facilitate your work!

Whether cooling of the must, cold fermentation, mederated fermentation, fermentation management, fermentation interruption, stabilisation of the wine or bearing cooling – VinInfo is optimal applicable in all these areas.


The VinInfo layout plan shows that it is in all respect a modular system. Yet the Basic Unit represents the mid-point of every installation. Every tank or every additional object (pump, air-conditioning equipments,...) is being managed by the Basic Unit. The Basic Unit is being connected with the commando central (Server or Terminal) via BUS cable. Minimal installation work, optional expandability and access to the system via a local network (LAN) or internet!

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